Faith. Hope. Love: Hope


Jeremiah 29:11
Proverbs 13:12
Psalms 42:11
Jeremiah 33:3


You only need an anchor when wind and wave are in motion. However without wind and wave, the place is stagnant. Wind and wave are the result of change. Stagnancy has no hope. Though possible, leaving port without an anchor is not recommended. That which is stagnant is lukewarm. It is tepid. It is neither excited nor retarded. It festers. It breeds undesirables. It does not contain nutrients. It has no future. Check Revelation 3:16 for what God said he would do to these kinds of people and churches.

Dark is not the equal opposite of light. Dark is not the inverse of light. Dark is not its own entity. Dark is not a thing. Light is a thing and its own entity. Dark is the absence of light. Dark was not made. Light was made. Genesis 1:2-4 You are said to be “in the dark” when you are ignorant, knowledge is lacking.

Information is data (facts) that have been given some meaning by way of relational connection. Knowledge is the concise and appropriate collection of information in a way that makes it useful. Both information and knowledge are items that can be acquired. Human information and knowledge is not true; it is simply attained through experiences. True information and true knowledge cannot be attained naturally by humans. Only the Holy Spirit has the ability to attain true knowledge. The Holy Spirit can pass His knowledge to those chosen.