Romans 14

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Personal convictions and opinions are personal. Don’t force yours on anyone else. Your convictions, views, opinions, and values have bearing on you only; your relationship and status is solely between God and yourself.

“Who are you to pass judgment on someone else’s servant? It is before his own master that he will stand or fall; and the fact is that he will stand, because the Lord (owner) is able to make him stand.”

If your belief in a thing is contrary to someone else’s, it is your duty to keep it between yourself and God. You are not to spend time, space, or effort in an attempt to convince or inform them of their personally perceived error.


You can be as judgmental as you like, but its illegitimate judgment. There is only one legitimate judge. We are wasting our time trying to take His authority – trying to be right. Instead, we should be keeping our eyes on our own lives and be led by the Holy Spirit about what we can and cannot do and how we should live.

Each of us have different stories to tell, different strengths and weaknesses; we each come from different backgrounds. Uniformity is not going to bring us in to unity by force – its been previously tried in church history and didn’t work.

This is not a stumbling block but freedom. Freedom to walk with God personally. God will give our journey guidance. God will give us grace and dignity. We don’t have to be defined by what somebody else thinks. We are given permission to be who we are as we’re being transformed by the one legitimate judge.

Our freedoms are our freedoms, and they are between us and God; but they cannot be used to cause someone else to stumble on their journey.

We all have a story to tell. Each of our stories are different stories. If we were all to be telling a uniform story, we would have all been created to look exactly the same, and have exactly the same thoughts.

We will all stand before God as individuals.

We overstep our bounds and operate outside our appointed station when we begin to judge another’s heart, motive, story, or posture. That is not in our realm. It is in His.