Clearly: Renewed


1 Timothy 1:18-20
1 Timothy 4:1-3


There is a difference between charisma and Χρίστος (Chrístos).

God doesn’t want you to know about Him. He wants you to know Him.

Jeremiah 1:5
Before you were born you needed to be reborn. You were spiritual before you were natural.

You have been chosen, ordained, and sanctified before you were born. Before form was placed in to existence.

You don’t fit in because you are set apart. God allows rejection to set you apart. Greatness has to be separated before it can be used. He always uses rejected materials. Rejection is the pre-qualification to usefulness by God.

The only place you were made to fit is with Him.

There are many examples of seasons of preparation. Joseph and the pit. Moses and the wilderness. David and the exile. Elijah and the brook. Jonah and the fish. Daniel and the lion’s den. Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah in the furnace. John the Baptist and the desert. Jesus and the desert. Saul and the blindness. John and the Isle of Patmos.

Isolation is God’s season of preparation. Everybody left and the one to be used was left alone before the glory showed up.

Redeem = buy back. You have been redeemed. You were His previously. He is re-purchasing you.

Distinct parts of your makeup are separated by differing stages of the redemption process. Spirit is your spirit-man. Soul is the mind. Body is the physical form you temporarily portray.

When you are born again, the redemption process begins. The Spirit is redeemed. The soul/mind is being redeemed in a continual process. The body will be redeemed.

God speaks and works from the spirit to the soul to the body.

The battlefield is not in the spirit but in the mind.

Skepticism is born out of fear; discernment is born out of love.

The taking ownership of the Promised Land in Joshua is an allegory to the fulfillment of promise and prophecy on your life. The Jordan River represents your flesh. Jerusalem represents your spirit. Jericho represents your mind. Jericho has walls that must be broken down.
After the victory at Jericho, do not be like the example shown in Joshua 7 and forget to consult God. You still cannot do it yourself and must trust God. Without which you will suffer defeat at Ai. The battle at Ai was undertaken without His consult. Ai is the example in the constant reliance on God regardless of previous victories or defeats.