Arise - starter


The Church is not an audience to be entertained; it is an army to be empowered!

The Request

  • Samuel — Fill your horn and GO
  • Elijah — Arise, Go out, GO
  • Certain Man — Rise and take up

Man’s Limits/Excuses

  • Samuel — How can I go? Saul will kill me
  • Elijah — I have been very zealous…
  • Certain Man — I have no man…

Opportunity for Obedience

  • Samuel — Take the heifer
  • Elijah — Go and Stand. Go and Return
  • Certain Man — Rise, Take up

God’s Limitlessness/Destiny Fulfillment

  • Samuel — Anoints the ruddy David as King
  • Elijah — Anoints two Kings and Elisha as the Prophet
  • Certain Man — Fulfills the movement of Jesus to the Cross

Psalms 23:4-6

Walk with no fear for You are with me!