2 Corinthians 9:8-15
Matthew 6:25-26


We are more problem driven than promise driven. You relate to brokenness more than blessing.

God’s abundance is tied to your abounding. God will back your abounding up with His abundance. When you’re ready to do the work, He’ll be ready to fund it.

Abundance supplies the want of the saints.

He will not just give you what you need, but also what you want. It is not bad to want things.

Everyone is in one of three places:

  • not enough
    • Egypt
  • just enough
    • the Wilderness
  • more than enough
    • the Promise

Not Enough

Not enough is not about how much you make or how much money you have. It is not natural, it’s spiritual. It’s not because of what you receive, it’s what you can handle. It’s your mind, your mentality – your spirit. You can always tell when someone is in not enough. The Deliverer is sent to bring you out of not enough.

Prosperity is not money. Money is just an outward sign of inward things. Prosperity doesn’t show up in your hand, it shows up in your heart.

I wish upon all things that thou would prosper even as they soul doth prosper 3 John 1:2

Prosperity is not natural. it is spiritual.

Just Enough

Just enough is the Wilderness. In the Wilderness we have mana. Mana is God’s provision daily. They do not have to worry about food each day. Mana was enough to meet the needs of the day, but no longer. Mana expired after the picked day. Mana cannot be stored or hoarded; it most be used within the day in which it was provided. If you attempt to hold on to the mana it will spoil quickly.

More than Enough

More than enough is the Promise. The mana will cease before you can get to more than enough. Without stopping the mana, many will be complacent and satisfied to stay in the just enough. Just enough is not God’s plan. He wants you to be blessed with abundance in the more than enough.

The Seed

God always starts with a seed. From the beginning of Creation He creates the seed to perpetuate the blessing. The perpetuation of the creation is within the creation itself. God never has to create more than once. It will always produce after its own kind.

The Blessing requires the Covenant. Though Abram was not worthy, God exchanged his Faith for Righteousness. Righteousness is a prerequisite for Covenant.

Progression of the seed

  1. God created the seed
  2. Abraham produced the seed
  3. Isaac passed the seed
  4. Jacob multiplied the seed
  5. Moses delivered the seed
  6. Joshua established the seed
  7. priest atoned the seed
  8. prophets foretold the seed
  9. Jesus was the seed
  10. we are the seed

In one harvest God provides enough seed to sow and bread to eat. The harvest is not meant to eat. We eat what we should store.

When you enter in to more than enough, you’ll take no thought for what you eat, drink, and put on. You will not think about where your next meal comes from or what you wear.

If you want a better life than a bird has, you have to do better than a bird does. Birds do not sow, reap, nor gather. You do not need a barn for just enough. You need a barn when you reap the harvest, you’ve eaten, have set aside seed for future sowing, and have abundance.

Contentment is not satisfaction. You should be content but not satisfied. Satisfaction with contentment leads to complacency.

When you’re standing in Egypt, it looks like Canaan (the Promise) is never going to come.

How can the church bless the world when the world’s more blessed than the church?