Abundance: Unending Supply


Romans 9:23
John 2:1-10

Happy happens according to circumstances; joy is ingrained from God.


God is not interested in blessing you for no reason. The blessing of the Lord always comes with instruction and purpose. The truth cannot set you free until you know it is the truth.

God is not interested in loving you as you are and leaving you as He found you. He always finds us in a lost place; always broken, empty, not fulfilling your potential and purpose. Though empty is a prerequisite for His refill. He cannot be all sufficient if you still think you’re self sufficient. He will not move where He is not needed and you recognize the need. He will give you an unscheduled miracle when there is a need. God will override time only when there is the need. God always has some stuff He will do when you are not ready.

My hour is not yet come. John 2:4

God always qualifies the call. He doesn’t call the qualified.

Wine is the symbol of God’s joy. It is one of the two components of the Holy Spirit, along with oil.

He did not reuse the vessels that previously contained the wine. He used the vessels that were not prequalified. The original pots and skins felt qualified.

Water and the vessels used were not only unqualified for their final destiny they were also unclean and unsanitary; where the liquid and vessels felt they were cleansed and suitable for use and consumption.

The generation that doesn’t know or care about the tradition and prior failings of the church. They are not shackled by the trappings of prior. They will search out their own, pure, set apart, proper, unadulterated Word from Me.

You cannot pour out what you have not received.

Without being empty, God cannot guarantee what He pours in your vessel will be pure. It may be watered down and diluted. His content must be full strength to be effective. A diluted solution is a cheap and unuseful copy that does His filling an injustice. He cannot claim usefulness on a mixed and diluted versions. Do not allow a filling from a previous session contaminate the new fill.