Abundance: The After-Party


Genesis 15:12-14
Exodus 1:8-10


God does not get things or promise ready for you. It is waiting on you. The promise is coupled with the process. Both are required.

Abram is the only person in the Bible who changed races. Half of his life he was Gentile, the other half he was Jew.

Abram is the first one justified by faith. We are also justified by faith, not works or your own righteousness. God excahnged his and our faith for His righteousness. You believe and He counted it as righteousness. It is not a license to do wrong.

The higher you go in God, the more attention you garner from the enemy.
Zechariah 3:1-2

The greatest tool the enemy has against you is accusation. The enemy is rebuked. Just because the garment is filthy doesn’t mean you are. God will give a new fresh, clean garment. You must take off the filth. Once you do, you must walk in the worth of the garment acquired.
Genesis 39:7-8

Joseph weighed the temptation with the dream and promise; the promise was worth more than the temptation during the process.

Abraham became the friend of God. God released promise before the covenant began.

Covenant requires two halves. When God shows up, He walks in and through the covenant. It requires blood and burning flesh.

Promise → Covenant → Blessing

If you’re going to walk in the promise, be ready for the process. Your promise has other people’s blessing tied to it. Your process may be extensive yet there is an “afterward.” Even during the process you are greater than the enemy. The enemy knows they are outnumbered, they try to do all they can to prevent you from finding out.

Realization of the promise does not finalize the process. For every affliction caused by the enemy, he will pay when the promise begins to be accomplished.


Too often we attribute bad things or unpleasant things in our lives to the enemy. He is not that powerful. He doesn’t care about you. Bad and unpleasant things happen to strengthen your resolve and provide a sweetness to the good times. If you always have good times, you will become complacent and disillusioned with that which you have been blessed.

Stop granting power and attribution to the enemy who doesn’t deserve it and didn’t even do the thing.

Yes, he is a liar and a thief. But he is only a messenger. He is a single being. He does have a following. They may be able to affect us through the spirit realm, but we were created above them in both stature and status.
John 8:44
Hebrews 1:4-14

While on the earth, wrapped in our fleshly bodies, our status is temporarily reduced. Which is why we can be affected by the enemy. They will do all in their own power to prevent us from remembering and realizing our true spirit nature as we are and were in the heavenly realm since while there we outrank them.
Hebrews 2:7-9
1 Corinthians 6:3

They are not all knowing, all powerful, nor all present. They are not God’s equals; they are not even our equals. They are lower than God. They are lower than us.

Live in that truth.