The Gate of Thanksgiving


Psalms 100


The power of Thanksgiving is the power of being grateful, the opposite of entitlement.

Nothing just happens. Everything that occurs is the product of prior seed and planting. The harvest and product is dependent on the seed.
You must be willing to sow what you desire to reap.

Our assignment is from God when it is too big for you. Your purpose in the earth is not fulfilled by you, but through you. God will always give you a corporate vision before a personal vision.

The blind man in Bethsaida was prayed for by Jesus twice. Mark 8:22-25

The righteous are not righteous because they do not fall, but that when they do fall they get up again.

Your level of thanks is directly tied to your giving.

Thanks is about what is behind you. Praise is a prophecy about what He has not yet done.

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving, enter his courtyards with praise; give thanks to him, and bless his name.” Psalms 100:4

You must give thanks for the past; you must give praise for what He is bringing you in to.