Unto Us


Mark 8:37-38
Isaiah 9:6
Luke 1:26-38


God never moves as your King until you embrace His Kingdom.

Good is not an individualistic God, He’s a corporate God before individual.

Everything God does for you is not for you, it’s for everyone’s benefit.

  • God blesses an individual for a house
  • God blesses a house for a city
  • God blesses a city for a nation
  • God blesses a nation for a world

Anything God does in you is about the ends of the earth.

Stop thinking at the individual level. God works outside your individualism and blesses beyond you.

It’s not Unto you, it’s Unto us

We like to give handouts to people so they are dependent on you. God is not a god of indebtedness or individual servitude.

Mary doesn’t know why Gabriel shows up in front of her. This is why she is initially afraid.

He cannot provide greater blessing and place a weapon in the hands of an unprepared baby. Even though you are heir to all, you are not mature enough to handle the responsibility and power. It would be irresponsible.

Mary knows if God shows up it’s either because she did something or God is about to do something. Once the blessing is applied and she is made aware, she must begin walking in it or it will quickly overtake her.

You are blessed and highly favoured. Luke 1:28