He's Into You: My Endless Love

JHN 14:15-21 HOS 2:14-18

  • Ishi == My Husband
  • Ba’ali == My Master

Grace and truth are not equal opposing forces, they work and go together.

The center of the tabernacle is the ark of the Covenant. Moses acquired the plans to the tabernacle while on Mount Sinai along with the Commandments.

The farther you go in the tabernacle, more blood is required.

God is not powerless to sin. He hates sin. It does not disable Him or His work.

It is hard to take an infinite mind to a finite mind. God’s difficulty results in Him using your life to communicate.

God has emotion. As with everything else, He emotes on an infinite scale. When He loves, gets angry, has sorrow, it is to such an extent and so complete to be incomprehensible to our minds. When Jesus cries out on the cross, God turns His back completely and in totality. Jesus senses the shift and feels the fullness of being forsaken by The Father.

Guilt turns in to shame often. Guilt is what you did. Shame is who you are. Do not let what you did define who you are.

There are some things God cares for in your life that He did not create or should be responsible for. God has bought and paid the asking price and extras for things in your life to get it away from and dispose of them.