He's Into You: Be Mine, part II

EZK 16:4-8

There is no level to being saved. It is binary. You either are or aren’t. You can never be more saved than when you are saved.

The scariest thing to experience is to be in the middle of doing wrong without feeling wrong. ROM 1:24

Instead of judging someone, be prepared to clean them.

You cannot grow without being planted.

Anointing and oil flows down, not up. You cannot hold someone in authority over you accountable. They must be held accountable by their leadership, not their subordinates.

Having your cord uncut means you are still being fed from a source you should no longer be able to use.

Once God saves you, He grows you. Once God grows you, He matures you. Once God matures you, He anoints you and places His glory on you.

Praise is about what He does for you. If your relationship is always at a praise level, your relationship is conditional on what He does for you. You don’t have to be saved to praise. You don’t have to be human or even animate to praise. Praise is superficial.

Praisers pray with lists and requests. Worshipers pray without a list. They pray differently, and tell God what He’s worth.