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Isaiah 1:21-26
Genesis 1:26-28,31
James 1:2-8


I will…thoroughly purge away your dross, and take away all your alloy. ISA 1:25 NKJV
I will cleanse your impurities…and remove all your alloyed base metal. ISA 1:25 CJB

the impurities and contaminants
foreign matter, dregs, or mineral waste, in particular scum formed on the surface of molten metal
a metallic solid or liquid that is composed of a homogeneous mixture of two or more metals or of metals and nonmetal or metalloid elements, usually for the purpose of imparting or increasing specific characteristics or properties.
an inferior metal mixed with a precious one

To separate impurities from silver requires a heating of the silver to its melting point of 1234.93K (961.78 °C, 1763.2 °F).

Jesus did commune with God at the top of the mountain, yet he did not stay there with God. The work is not on the mountain, it is in the valley.

James 2:14-26

The silversmith knows when silver is purified once he can see his image in the molten metal in the crucible.

God created us in His image. Our initial state is pure. Over time yet even beginning at birth, we accumulate impurities (dross) in the world. After being saved, we enter the crucible to begin our refinement. We are not created from nothing.
The separating process of dross and alloy from our pure state is that of sanctification.

Dross are solid impurities. Slag are liquid impurities.
Dross product is not entirely waste material.


Not everyone or everything that makes you impure is bad or waste. There are things and people removed from you to purify you which may be fine or good on their own, yet are contaminants to you. Something that is good, perceived good, or good for others may still contaminate you (e.g., allergies).
Creating an alloy with impure or unclean materials generates a product that can never have its full potential realized. It will not perform as intended and required. You cannot create a worthwhile alloy without pure and purified materials.

Metals become molten when heat is high enough to enable breakage of bonds between molecules. At a molecular level, the bonds between the material and its impurities must be broken to allow the base material to become pure. Only once this is complete will the base material allow a new homogeneous bond to occur, a bond to a pure material such as the Holy Spirit.