More Than a Feeling, part II


1 John 4:7-11
Romans 8:1-16


There are Two Laws

Jacob’s blessing was a mistake.
When you’re led by feeling, it always leads to bondage.

You are a spirit.
You possess a soul.
You live in a body.

You are not a body, you are a spirit.
Nothing spiritual can die. Demons and the devil cannot die.
eternal life != eternal death
You cannot die since you are a spirit.

The greatest enemy in your life is your own flesh.

When you come to Jesus, you still must live in the Spirit Law. When you get saved, the requirement of the Law still stands. The covenant changes from that of the flesh to spirit.

  • The law of the flesh is as a business contract; the law of the spirit is as a marriage.
  • The law of the spirit has a higher requirement than the flesh.

We do everything from the outside-in; God does everything from the inside-out.

The only way you can be an overcomer is if you have something to overcome.

You can never understand your life until you understand aspects of God.
You are created in the likeness of God. God is a spirit.
The only way to live in God, in Christ, is in the spirit.

God made, not created, an image, a body. God created a spirit.

  • make: to reform out of an existing substance.
  • create: to form out of non-existent substance.

You were in God before He placed you in a body, which was made.

You are eternal. Regardless of accepting Christ or not. You cannot die. You will live eternally, regardless where you end up.

There is a hell because spirits cannot die, and cannot be killed. Demons, the devil, God, and you are spirits.

The enemy cannot use where you came from against you. He attempts to use where you came through. Know the difference.

God speaks spiritually, then it manifests physically.

The soul is your mind. Where you are self-conscious.
The body is the physical. Where you are world-conscious.

The carnal mind is not a sinful mind, it’s your instinct.
Before you were born again, the mind and body ran you. After you are born again, your spirit is no longer dormant.

When you don’t possess your mind, it possesses you.

The moment you became alive in Christ doesn’t mean your flesh went anywhere.

The opposing force in you is your own flesh, your own self. Not the devil.
The thing that is going to stop you from fulfilling your purpose is not the devil, it is your self.

You must learn to listen to the voices in your spirit.

“…present your bodies a living sacrifice…” Romans 12:1
“…renewing of your mind…” Romans 12:2

God operates in the spirit.

Stop trying to appease the spirit by the flesh.

You cannot change the world by the flesh. It must be the spirit.