Walk This Way: Step Up


Psalms 37:23-25
Genesis 5:21-24
Hebrews 11:5-6
Isaiah 40:31


You must yield in order to yield : You must be submissive in order to produce.

Jesus did not say “Walk with me,” He said “Follow me.”

In order for you to walk in anything in The Kingdom, you must walk in and through the steps. There are no elevators; there are no escalators.

The way God moves is through steps, systematically, with a process.

The process brings forth the promise.

This is not about a walk with, but it is about a walk behind.

You’re always anointed for the place before you are appointed.

Between your anointing and appointing is your preparation.

“…Enoch…pleased God.” Hebrews 11:5

There’s a difference between your falter and failure.
It’s not whether you fall, but when you fall you get back up.

You wait, but you do not stay still. There is a progression from your current to your arrival: fly → run → walk.

Your next step may not be the same as your friend’s next step.